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LedgerDocs 2015 Year in Review

2015 has been a successful year for LedgerDocs with many new features and record customer growth.

We’re very grateful for the fantastic feedback received from users as well as the hard work from our development team which is helping shape the app in to a must have tool.

Let’s make 2016 an even better year!

See our highlights below.


  • QuickBooks Connect.
  • Intuit Thrive Vancouver.
  • NZ Bookkeepers Association Inc. Conference.


  • Auto creation of first company upon activation of a new account.
  • Sorting Documents: alphabetically including newest to oldest.
  • Rename and tag multiple documents at once.
  • Share, add notes & tags including download options for files from the document viewer.
  • Private Folders
  • PDF Upload settings: Toggle PDF auto-extraction on a company level.
  • Toggle full-screen mode in preferences.
  • Highlighting and tagging documents posted to QuickBooks Online (QBO) in folder view.
  • QuickBooks app store listing with easy signup and integration setup options.
  •  “Send me a copy” email option while sharing a link from the document viewer.
  • Change billing information in preferences.
  • Self-serve payments for account upgrades.
  • Self-served email change.
  • Automatically saving HTML receipts sent via email as document files for later viewing.
  • New Android App.


  • Google re-captcha on Login page for improved security and prevention against brute force attacks.
  • New standards for secure passwords.
  • QuickBooks Online (QBO) Integration Fixes:
    • Canadian taxes, GST/PST multiple tax options.
    • Billable and taxable line items in US integration
    • Adding Expense and Bill without billing it to a customer in US integration.
    • Updated UI for QBO integration.
  • Improved search functionality allowing users to search for custom tags.
  • Overall UI improvements including new sidebar icons and cleaner CSS buttons.
  • PDF extraction bug fixes.
  • Apple mail client upload fix.
  • Simplified payment form.
  • Overall speed optimization.

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