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LedgerDocs – A Year in Review


We’ve had another year of record growth at LedgerDocs HQ and what better way to celebrate our success than to look back at some of the high points from 2016. As always, we’d like to sincerely thank all of our wonderful app users and promoters for their continued support and we wish them a very Merry Christmas & New Year.

Top Blog Posts

We dedicate a lot of our time to providing and creating useful blog posts for our followers. Many of our blog posts are designed to help bookkeepers and accountants make the most of their LedgerDocs account with tips on how to use the app. We also focus a lot of our blog content on supporting bookkeepers and accountants on their journey to becoming ‘virtual’ and moving their firm to the cloud. 2016 saw our reader numbers grow exponentially and the following three blog posts were our most popular.

1. 5 Steps to Implement Value Pricing into Your Bookkeeping Practice: This blog post provided great tips on how to introduce a value pricing model into bookkeeping firms with the aim of allowing bookkeepers to expand their business and create additional income potential. In this blog post we also wanted to highlight the importance of evaluating client’s needs and expectations on an individual level, thereby creating value for each independent client.

2. The Ultimate Guide to Using LedgerDocs with your iX ScanSnap: This was another great hit for our readers who are ScanSnap users or who were looking to become one. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for users to sync their ScanSnap with their LedgerDocs account so we laid out the process in this handy step by step guide.

3. Virtual Bookkeeper Guide: How To Hire And Manage Remote Employees: Advances in cloud technology now allow us to work on a computer from the comfort of our home and while there are many benefits to hiring remote employees, it can also create its own set of challenges. In this blog post we wanted to offer tips to help in the hiring and managing of remote employees based on our own experiences of this process.

Top Events

2016 was an action packed year for us. During the summer we launched our new LedgerDocs logo which was designed to embody our vision for paperless bookkeeping firms.
In 2016 we also took to the road to spread the word about LedgerDocs at several conferences. We had a lot of fun meeting with so many wonderful bookkeepers and accountants and filling them in on how LedgerDocs could help save them time with their bookkeeping tasks. In September the IPBC hosted a fantastic conference in our home town, Vancouver, where we got the opportunity to officially launch our ScanSnap integration. In October we took a trip to San Jose for QuickBooks Connect where we got to mingle with many of our American app users and in November we attended the wonderful Thrive 2016 conference hosted by QuickBooks in Toronto. I think it’s fair to say that 2016 has certainly been the ‘Year of the Cloud’ and we particularly noticed at Thrive how keen bookkeepers and accountants were to move their firms to the cloud. It was also great to catch up with our app partner friends and industry thought leaders.

Top Collaborations

QuickBooks Online: We’re huge fans of our friends at Intuit and this year we focused a lot of time on improving our integration with QuickBooks Online. You can read more about our improved integration here.

ScanSnap Cloud: Back in September we launched our brand new integration with ScanSnap Cloud. With this integration we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to scan, collaborate and complete bookkeeping tasks using ScanSnap Cloud and LedgerDocs. Our partnership with ScanSnap allows anyone with an iX Series ScanSnap to automatically scan documents directly into a specific company in LedgerDocs.

Freshbooks: 2016 was also the year we launched our integration with Freshbooks allowing users to sync their Freshbooks and QuickBooks Online accounts for a more efficient accounting workflow. You can see how this integration works for yourself here.

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