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LedgerDocs Application Release v4.0

We are happy to release our most recent integration with Dropbox – a leading file storage service that allows for users to store, share, and sync their files in the cloud. The partnership enhances user’s Dropbox experience by adding a number of collaboration features from LedgerDocs that helps to share documents more efficiently while streamlining the bookkeeping and accounting process.

Whats New?

  • Added syncing functionality allowing for a LedgerDocs account to connect with Dropbox to create a new folder named LedgerDocs within the Dropbox account, including sub-folders representing the LedgerDocs Company Inbox folders.
  • Added naming functionality to allow for any renaming of companies or document names to be instantly changed in the corresponding Dropbox account.
  • Added filing features to allow document from the inbox to be moves to another folder in LedgerDocs, which will instantly delete the file from Dropbox.
  • Improved admin area to show users currently connected with Dropbox.

Have a feature you would like added to LedgerDocs? Contact us today! We would love to hear from you.

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