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LedgerDocs Application Release v5.1

We have been working hard here at LedgerDocs to add a number of features that have been based around the feedback from our users. We value your emails and phone calls and hope that you continue to help us shape LedgerDocs with continued improvements.

What’s New?

  •          Added ability to rename and tag multiple documents at once.
  •       Added auto creation of first company upon activation of a new account (automatically creates project folders, pre-clicks project, auto-expands folders).
  •          Added a hyperlink to the Company’s unique LedgerDocs email address.
  •          Improved sharing capabilities by adding a “send copy to me” option in the document viewer.
  •          Added full screen on/off preference for Chrome and Firefox.
  •          Improved search functionality to allow users to search for custom tags (Bug Fix).

Have a feature you would like added to LedgerDocs? Contact us us today. We would love to hear from you.

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