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LedgerDocs at the Sleeter Conference Las Vegas

LedgerDocs at the Sleeter Conference Las Vegas

Earlier this month, our CEO, Wayne Zielke, had the opportunity to participate in the 10th annual Accounting Solutions Conference held at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Every year, the Sleeter Group holds this event to shine a light on the current state of the financial industry. This year, the conference had an interesting focus on technology, with topics ranging from the latest accounting applications, to the importance of social media, and one of the newer focuses, working in the cloud.

LedgerDocs at the Sleeter Conference Las VegasWith main sponsors including Intuit, BigTime, CPA2Biz, Sage, and Xero, LedgerDocs felt at home at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Wayne shared a booth with the Kashoo Team, and had a blast talking to hundreds of awesome accountants. We were able to meet a lot of interesting people, and came home with a refreshed sense of purpose.

One of the most interesting parts of the conference was listening to some of the leading accounting superstars talk about the changing trends within the industry. Utilizing the cloud turned out to be a common focus throughout the conference, with key-note speakers such as Greg Lafollette from CPA2Biz and Brian Tankersley  from K2 Enterprises talking about unique ways to streamline the bookkeeping and accounting process.

Brian Tankersley held a great presentation with regards to growing technologies, and spoke about the benefits and issues associated with cloud-based storage and backups. Brian outlined some SaaS solutions within our industry, and examined where the technology is going, and how it is changing the world of finance. This was an important presentation at the Sleeter event, as it focused on the capabilities and limitations of storing your documents in the cloud, while also touching on some great ways to encrypt and secure important data.

Listening to Brian certainly validated our approach to online document storage as we thrive to be a leader in our industry.

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