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LedgerDocs Case Study: A California Bookkeeping Firm

LedgerDocs Case Study A California Bookkeeping Firm

M. Lloyd Bookkeeping is an individually run bookkeeping firm based out of San Francisco, California. Megan has focused her business strategy on providing small business clients with bookkeeping help on a contract basis, with work ranging from bank reconciliations to payroll management.

Like many small bookkeeping firms, Megan would spend a great deal of time structuring and organizing the various files she received from clients via courier and email, which lead to less time available to complete the work. Although business was doing well, she felt that she would be much more efficient if she had a tool that would help to create a better process of organizing her documents.

Our Solution:

Megan implemented the LedgerDocs system into her business one year ago, and has noticed a substantial difference in her ability to complete work in a given time frame. Her new bookkeeping process allows for clients to scan or email their files into the LedgerDocs system, where she performs the necessary bookkeeping activities and re-files them into the “electronic filing cabinet”. She still accepts document and files via courier, but will generally upload them directly to the LedgerDocs application which allows for easy management as well as an electronic copy.

The filing cabinet is set up and customized around her clients needs, and allows for quick access to documents for queries. Megan utilized the Tags and Notes to convey important messages, and can be seen by all parties, allowing for full collaboration on documents and files. One of the most important aspects of LedgerDocs in Megan’s bookkeeping firm is that it enables her to work remotely while still having access to all of the source documents needed to complete her job.

A LedgerDocs Story:

“I recently started working with a new client who primarily used LedgerDocs to share their accounting documents. Both the client and I made good use of the tags and notes as a way to explain to each other what was required and what needed to be completed. I was able to Tag the documents as “posted” and still leave them in the Inbox while I had outstanding questions. Keeping the documents in the inbox until I was satisfied that they were correctly dealt with gave me peace of mind that I had not omitted anything.

The use of LedgerDocs greatly sped up the process of transferring files back and forth, while allowing us to use tags and notes to communicate to each other exactly what we needed. It provided a great communication environment between us as I learned the new client’s way of operating, and provided an easy way for my client to share their documents with me.”

– Megan Lloyd

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