LedgerDocs Case Study: A Freelance Graphic & Web Designer

A freelance graphic designer and production artist with over 10+ years of advertising experience, Derek Dudzinski decided to build his own business in 2001 and dive into the world of entrepreneurship. With a wide range of experience, Derek offers his clients a variety of services including website development, e-marketing campaigns, and a variety of graphic design projects.

Like so many small business owners, Derek wears many hats in his business, and is responsible for not only the work provided to his customers, but also for the sales and bookkeeping aspects of his business as well. Earlier this year, Derek realized that he was falling behind with his bookkeeping and needed to do something to help streamline the process. Not only were documents being lost, he also found that he was spending far too much time entering information into his QuickBooks Online file which was taking his focus off of growing the business.

Our Solution:

After years of missing receipts and catch-up work, Derek decided to upgrade his bookkeeping processes and approached LedgerDocs for help. He decided to schedule a demo with the LedgerDocs support team and signed up for an account immediately, instantly syncing his LedgerDocs account to his QuickBooks Online accounting file. Using this new process for the past three months, Derek feels more confident than ever when it comes to the status of his books, and also spends much less time on a monthly basis getting organized.

The process is simple – Any accounting related document that Derek obtains, whether it is an invoice, a receipt or a bank statement; is uploaded to LedgerDocs as soon as he receives it. On the last day of each month, Derek turns on the radio, logs into his LedgerDocs and QuickBooks Online account, and spends the night inputting all of his transactions. Because all of his important documents are in one easy location, he can finish the job in half the time it took him previously. Even more importantly, all of the transactions created from within LedgerDocs have the source document attached to the transaction in QuickBooks Online.

A LedgerDocs Story:

“When I was first looking at LedgerDocs, I really did not know what to expect – I just wanted to make my bookkeeping easier without paying a fortune. Their support team helped me set-up my account and hooked it up to QuickBooks Online. After using it for the first month, it became really clear that LedgerDocs not only makes storing receipts easier, it also makes transferring information to QuickBooks Online way faster.”

        Derek Dudzinski

Located in Vancouver, BC, Derek provides graphic and web design services to small and medium sized businesses and specializes in web design, photography, photo-retouching, advertising and promotional design services.

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