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LedgerDocs Case Study: A Vancouver Accounting Firm

LedgerDocs Case Study A Vancouver Accounting Firm

Dayna Holland Ltd is a small accounting firm that specializes with assisting women entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and making the financial and tax aspects less intimidating.

The fim provides accounting and tax services to businesses in the retail, service, and distribution sectors, as well as in-house tax support for large corporations. As a small firm, one of the biggest challenges for this accounting firm was acquiring documents from clients in a timely and efficient manner. Clients would generally drop off shoe-boxes of files with little to no organization. Other clients would send their various documents via email, which would quickly fill the company’s inbox. This lead to increased time spent on arranging and structuring documents in order to complete the project.

Our Solution:

Upon implementation of the LedgerDocs Document Management System, the accounting firm was able to easily transfer files between accountant and client. Prior to this, the main course of action was through email, or courier. By allowing clients to access the LedgerDocs database, they were able to increase collaboration, and allow for the clients to help organize their information. This allowed for the accounting firm to spend less time organizing documents, and more time working on the given project, giving their clients an overall better experience for less cost.

LedgerDocs has allowed for the firm to send documents without the worry of file or size constraints. It has also helped to save a great deal of time, and has increased collaboration between the firm and their clients.

A LedgerDocs Story:

I have a long standing client where we were needing a large amount of documents to be used for assembling a due diligence review. LedgerDocs gave me the ability to create the project, allowed for me and the client to upload and arrange the files as we needed them, and then once the project was completed, I had the option to keep it or archive it…

– Dayna Holland

Dayna Holland Ltd works with clients throughout the Vancouver, BC area, and offers business analysis, budgeting forecasting, management advisory services, and corporate tax compliance to small and medium sized businesses.

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