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LedgerDocs Case Study: Coloured Cedar Painting

LedgerDocs Case Study Coloured Cedar Painting

Jeff Maertz, CEO and founder of Coloured Cedar Painting, was a franchise owner for a popular painting franchise located throughout the greater Vancouver area.

After five years in the industry, he decided to venture out on his own and start Coloured Cedar Painting. Currently, Jeff is beginning his second season with his business and is excited to get his busy season started up once again.

Our Solution:

Like many start-ups, Jeff found it difficult to manage his daily receipts and invoices, and realized quickly that many of his important documents had been buried in the backseat of his truck, sometimes to never be seen again. As a suggestion from his bookkeeper, he began using LedgerDocs to help store and manage his accounting documents such as receipts and invoices.With LedgerDocs, Jeff was able to quickly snap a photo of his receipts as he received them, and upload the documents directly to his bookkeeper. This resulted in a more efficient bookkeeping process, as his bookkeeper was able to perform her monthly services at her convenience, with all of Jeff’s documents located in one easy-to-use cloud location.

A LedgerDocs Story:

“After starting with LedgerDocs, I can’t imagine going back! It is so easy to take a picture of my receipts and upload it directly to my bookkeeper. The best thing is that once I upload it, I really don’t need to deal with the document anymore.” Stated Jeff. “I am glad I listened to my bookkeeper when she recommended this to me. It was quick and easy to start, and has even lowered my overall bookkeeping costs.”

–    Jeff Maertz

Coloured Cedar Painting is a Vancouver, BC based painting company specializing in interior and exterior painting services for households throughout the lower mainland.

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