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LedgerDocs Feature Improvements – Spring 2018

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Our development team has been keeping their nose to the grindstone with improvements and new feature add-ons to LedgerDocs. Since our last update there have been multiple new features rolled out on the LedgerDocs platform. Let’s catch up on what the latest updates have been.

QBO Integration

  1. Speed improvement. You may have noticed that documents are now uploaded from LedgerDocs to QBO significantly faster. This speed increase allows LedgerDocs users to move on to their next task instead of waiting for upload confirmation to be displayed. Saving time means you can get more done and quicker than before!
  2. Calculator function for QBO integration. You can now put calculator functions into the number fields to shorten the work to reach a final value. This eliminates the need for having another screen open with a calculator function. As an example, when you type in “20×4” into a value field and then press the tab key, the answer will display. This is good for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions.
  3. Search for documents by amount. For documents that are posted using QBO you can now search by the total amount. Line amounts can also be searched for. If you don’t know where the document is in LedgerDocs, this is a great tool to track the specific document down.
  4. Auto renaming of document after posting. This one is a real time saver if you’re into renaming your documents after posting. After you post, you will notice a new suggested name for the document on the right sidebar in the renaming section. This is based off the posting date (optional), the vendor, and the bill number (if applicable). Simply accept or adjust the name and you’re done! Remember, this filename is fully searchable.
  5. Keyboard Shortcut to Post to QuickBooks. If you’re used to exclusively using the keyboard to navigate QBO fields in LedgerDocs, now you can take it to the end by posting using your keyboard as well instead of clicking on the Send button with your mouse. Simply use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + S to post to QBO.

New updates for Documents

  1. Toggle sidebar in Document Viewer. You now have the option to hide the sidebar off of the screen when viewing your documents so you have more real estate. Simply press “Toggle sidebar” on the page and this will move the sidebar off the screen. Click it again to return the sidebar.
  2. Image expansion for documents. In addition to the toggle sidebar feature, more room has been made for viewing documents by expanding the document window. Users of widescreen monitors requested this feature so they can use more viewing space. Remeber you can also turn on/off full screen document viewing from your user settings.
  3. TaxDocs. You might notice that the “Companies” folder title has been renamed to “Bookkeeping”. This is to better classify the two major components to LedgerDocs, the storage for your Bookkeeping clients, and storage for tax documents in the new TaxDocs feature.
  4. Finding duplicate documents. We now compare all documents to see if a document has a duplicate within LedgerDocs. Go to “Search Company” or “Advanced Search”and click on the checkbox for “Filter by Duplicate Documents, click search, and the results will display any document that may have been mistakenly uploaded twice. The filenames can even be different and LedgerDocs will identify if any duplicate documents exist, which can be deleted or filed away.

Improvements to LedgerDocs is a continuous process. Based on the feedback from our users, and new ideas we have to improve the automation features and save you more time with your document storage and searching, our development team keeps adding on to LedgerDocs’ functionality and versatility.

Let us know if you have a suggestion for LedgerDocs and it may wind up in the next features update!

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