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LedgerDocs & IPBC – Virtual Bookkeeper Q&A


LedgerDocs recently held a live webinar on the topic “How to Become a Virtual Bookkeeper” which was hosted by Dene Paquin, seasoned webinar host and senior business developer. He spoke to an audience of bookkeepers from the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC) who had logged in to learn more about how they could better manage and store their important financial documents using the LedgerDocs application.

We received several follow-up questions from some of our bookkeeping attendees and with the help of IPBC’s fantastic support team, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a burning question which isn’t listed feel free to get in touch with our support team here.


Is my data secure?

We take data security very seriously. It is a core element of our business, our number one priority and we have invested in security conscious architectural engineering to provide maximum protection for our client’s data. We use a 256-bit SSL encryption to safeguard information travelling between your browser and LedgerDocs. This is the same encryption utilized by top financial institutions for online transactions.

Uploading Documents

How do I upload my documents to the LedgerDocs app?

There are several ways to upload documents into LedgerDocs. We realize that documents are collected in various paper and digital forms at the source so we’ve tried to give a lot of flexibility on uploading methods.

Any Web Browser: To upload via web browser simply login to LedgerDocs and go to the company you want to upload files to. Click on the green “Upload to Inbox” button to drag and drop files from your computer that you wish to upload.

Email Upload: To send documents via email just create a company email address of your liking by clicking on “Company Name” then “Email Upload” tab. You can then input your desired company name before to assign a unique, easy to remember email address to it. The subject line and body of your email will also get captured so you can search for it later.

Upload via Smartphone/Dropbox: We also provide LedgerDocs clients with the option to send photos of documents such as receipts, invoices and bank statements from their mobile devices. This can be done by simply emailing the desired photo to the relative unique company email address (as above). Alternatively clients can use the LedgerDocs app available in iTunes and the Google Play Store to upload photos of their documents instantly to LedgerDocs. For those of you who are avid Dropbox users, you can sync your Dropbox account with your LedgerDocs company Inbox folder allowing documents in Dropbox to be uploaded directly to your company inbox.

Accounting Software Integration

How do I connect to QuickBooks Online?

LedgerDocs’s integration with QuickBooks Online allows users to create QuickBooks Online entries straight from the LedgerDocs document viewer interface. LedgerDocs automatically pulls in information from your QuickBooks Online account including customers, vendors, taxes, and accounts to streamline the process of creating transactions.

Click on “Company” followed by the “QuickBooks Online” tab and click “Connect to QuickBooks” to authorize your connection. For more information take a look at our step by step guide here.

How does LedgerDocs work with other accounting applications?

At LedgerDocs we want to make your accounting and bookkeeping tasks as seamless as possible. While we do have a direct integration with QuickBooks Online, we have built our app in such a way that you can use it with any accounting application. Many of our bookkeeping clients operate with LedgerDocs open on one screen and their application of choice on the other making the tedious process of keypunching information as streamlined as possible. This allows for LedgerDocs to be in used in tandem with all accounting applications including Sage 50, Sage One, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, FreshBooks, Wave and Kashoo. Using LedgerDocs alongside the above applications also allows bookkeepers and accountants to collaborate easily with clients and colleagues and include tags and notes on documents, creating a more efficient workflow.

Recently we released a new simplified workflow for users who want to store, track and share copies of their FreshBooks invoices and post transactions directly into QuickBooks Online.


How much does it cost to sign up for an account with LedgerDocs?

Clients tend to purchase pricing plans based on the number of companies they wish to create. Typically a company costs $10 per month and we offer discounted rates for clients who expect to work with many companies. We also offer a 14 day free trial which gives users the opportunity to test out the application’s features with no credit card needed and no setup fees.

Typically who pays for the account?

We usually recommend that the accountant maintains control over the LedgerDocs account and incorporates its costs into client value pricing. This ensures that the accountant can invite clients and colleagues as they see fit allowing for better collaboration. In some cases it might be more effective for the client to own the LedgerDocs account and invite the accountant as a member, again giving them the same privileges (document uploading and viewing).

We would love to hear your feedback on any of the above answers and please feel free to contact us with any more questions you might have. Our support team would be happy to bring you through a personal demo of the application or simply chat with you over the phone. We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming IPBC event in September, don’t hesitate to stop by our booth for a chat!

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