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LedgerDocs New Feature Release December 2019


We’re excited to announce a preview of updates that will be rolled out soon for LedgerDocs. Our team is working hard to continuously improve and innovate by adding features that would add value for our customers made up of bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners.


Here are some of the updates, categorized by which area of the app they apply to:

PDF Quality Of Life Changes

LedgerDocs New Feature Release December 2019



A commonly requested feature: PDFs will feature a thumbnail that previews the document. This will eliminate sifting and searching and provide quick identification for docs while reducing the headache of trying to find specific documents in a sea of documents.


PDFs that are left in the archive folder will automatically sort themselves if they are older than 90 days into respective annual folders. This feature will eliminate the manual process of sorting your docs and leave more time for your clients and books.


Server Upgrades and UI Upgrades

Faster Loading and Better Performance

We’re making significant upgrades on our server to enhance user load times and performance in general on the LedgerDocs web platform.

Dedicated folder for Bank Statements

The bank statements will be automatically placed into Fetched Statements folder every time they get pulled. This folder is private so you can choose who has access to it while making it easier to find the fetched statements.


More Customizability

LedgerDocs New Feature Release December 2019

List View and Thumbnail view defaults

You will be able to specify how you want LedgerDocs to display docs for you by default in the preferences tab.

Document Sort defaults

Gives you an option to select the preferred way to display sorted documents by default in the preferences tab.


Reduce manual entry with OCR

LedgerDocs New Feature Release December 2019

OCR Data Extraction

We’ve been hard at work engineering an OCR solution for you and are happy to unveil that it is nearing the final steps of testing. This is a major requested feature and we are excited to announce that it is quickly on the horizon of being deployed for all LedgerDocs users.

Our OCR data extraction will apply to both PDFs and Images. We hope that this will assist all users in expediting the data submission process.

Small UI touch-ups

The web app will receive a few quality of life changes to its images with added functionality. We’re also overhauling the appearance of the addons tab for clarity

LedgerDocs New Feature Release December 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where QBO values would not update properly
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the dropdowns would go off-screen
  • Fixed bug where sometimes the tax values would not initiate properly
  • Fixed bug where image viewer would occasionally be unresponsive


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