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LedgerDocs New Feature Release – January 2019


Continual work is always happening with LedgerDocs. Our development team continues to get feedback from our user base, and in turn, we include the biggest requests for new features, functionality and improvements to LedgerDocs’ workflow. That said, we have compiled the latest round of feature improvements to LedgerDocs. For previous updates, here.

Here are the newest improvments to our bookkeeping collection software:

Note Mentions

Now you can leave a message to your clients inside LedgerDocs by using the at symbol (@) when in a document view mode. Note mentions are a great way to collaborate with clients efficiently and save time. Instead of having to write more emails, now send your query from the same screen that you’re using to organize and post documents in your client’s file. It works just like tagging a person in Facebook; the client will get an email notification with your note and be able to click the link in the email if they want to see the document it refers to. They can simply just reply to that email and their note will come directly in you. You’ll get answers to your questions and your clients will have immediate context in which to you help you get the information you need in a timely and productive way.

How it Works:

  • Write a note on a document in LedgerDocs and @ mention someone if you need them to comment on it
  • An email will be sent to the person you mentioned along with your note and a link to the document in question
  • User can reply to the email with their answer which will come back to your Inbo

This is just the first step in our note mention function. In the future we’ll be adding:

  • A summary of all daily notifications
  • Ability for users to turn note mention notifications on and off
  • Replies to notes will automatically also get added to the note in LedgerDocs (and not just sent by email)

Duplicate Documents

Beginning now, all duplicate documents that get uploaded by accident are now flagged with a yellow corner icon on the thumbnail, so that they can be easily spotted. This feature is only applicable (at this time) on any new documents uploaded to LedgerDocs from January 2019 forward. If you have uploaded duplicate documents previous to 2019 the corner image alerts won’t show up for some older documents. To ensure that you have accounted for all outstanding documents prior to 2019, we recommend using the “Advanced Search” feature to also search for duplicate documents to clean up your folders.

Credit Memos

Good news! We’ve added the ability to post a credit memo directly from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online. Credit memos are a credit against a sales invoice. Prior to this feature being released, you had to post them manually to a specific customer in QuickBooks Online.

Now, if you’ve got your LedgerDocs account connected to QBO, you’ll see a “Credit Memo” option in the drop down listing when you have a document open. Just another way that LedgerDocs is saving you time with your bookkeeping!

Bank Fetching – TD Canada Trust

TD uses a 2-step verification process for pulling client statements. This has caused some difficulty with statements automatically being pulled into the inbox. We have solved the issue and you should now be able to sidestep this problem going forward, and also make your clients feel better about not needing to share their credentials.

The next time one of your clients using TD needs a statement pulled, ask your client to add the bookkeeper’s phone number to the 2-step verification process. This is easy to do in LedgerDocs:

  • In the Bank Fetching page there is now a list of bank accounts associated with that client.
  • A list of phone numbers associated with that account will be displayed. This list comes from the bank, and so your client can add your phone number to it once they speak with TD.
  • Now when the statement gets pulled, the bookkeeper gets sent a request for a confirmation code, which they enter back into LedgerDocs.
  • This way the statement gets pulled and the owner doesn’t need to share credentials with their bookkeeper.

Brand new iPhone App

The LedgerDocs iPhone app has received a new look along with new capabilities.

Along with a completely new user interface, users can now:

  • Scan and upload multiple documents at one time (batch uploads).
  • When “Scan Multiple Documents” is selected for uploading documents, the app now automatically finds the boundaries of all types of documents and snaps a photo (called edge detection).
  • View the most recent activities with ability to filter by all or specific companies
  • Improved tag view.
    • Custom tags for your company now appear at the top of the list and are sorted alphabetically. Default tags appear below that.
    • Month tags are independent from default tags (months of the year were previously sorted with the default tags, and are now seen as January, February and so on.)

Referral Program

You may have noticed a new screen within LedgerDocs labeled “Referral Program”. This allows you a way to earn a $10 gift card every time someone that you recommend signs up for a paid LedgerDocs account.

  • Enter the email address of the people that you want to refer to try LedgerDocs. They will be sent an email invitation from you.
  • If that referral signs up for a paid LedgerDocs account, you will be notified of a $10 Amazon gift certificate sent to you via email!
  • The more people that sign up using LedgerDocs, the more gift certificates you get.
  • You can check this page to see the status of your referrals, if they are still pending or if they have been accepted, or if the referral is now a paid LedgerDocs user.


  • An upload date for document record has been added to document viewer so you can easily see when the upload date of the document in this view, alongside other document attributes like filename and folder location
  • There is a new design for the Checkout Page

As always, let us know if there is an improvement or new feature that would make your bookkeeping day better. We consider every user request and invite people to beta test the changes to get important feedback. Thanks for continuing to use LedgerDocs and helping us make it the friendliest and simplest bookkeeping collection software on the market!

Let us know if you have a suggestion for LedgerDocs and it may wind up in the next features update!

Want to learn more about or new feature updates? Join one of our upcoming webinars!

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