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LedgerDocs Application Release v3.00

LedgerDocs Application Release v3.00

We’re excited to present some highlights of our first public release of LedgerDocs. The newly added features in this release will complement what already exists to help bookkeepers and accountants be more productive in the work they do for clients.

Collaboration, organization, workflow, and document management are the core to LedgerDocs and our philosophy has always centred around this.

Advanced Search

If you have trouble finding your documents from your piles of client receipts or folders of digital documents on your computer. you’ll love this feature. Advanced search allows you to drill down and set criteria — such as folder location, notes entered, file name, upload date, and tags. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, it’s easy to refine the search criteria to narrow down and find what you need to quickly and easily.


In addition to filing documents by folder, you can now also create associations with all types of documents across various folders using tags.  To help with organization, we have created a pre-populated list of tags that are common for bookkeepers and accountants to use.

  • Action terms: common terms such as received, posted, reconciled
  • Types of documents such as: bank statement, cheque, expense, financial statement, income, invoice, payroll
  • All Months
  • Years

You can of course add your own custom tags to fit with your organization process. Tags are powerful because they create relationships across documents spanning an entire client file.If you have any feedback on LedgerDocs or would like to request a feature, please email us at support[at]ledgerdocs[dot]com, fill out the contact form here, or give us a call toll free at 1.855.998.3041 ext 8.

Get your LedgerDocs 14 day free trial now! (no credit card required to start and leave the trial at any time)

LedgerDocs is a NEW unique online solution purposely built for the storage, sharing and management of accounting documents for businesses, accountants and bookkeepers”

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