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Accounting Integration: LedgerDocs + Dropbox = Easier Bookkeeping (Part 1)

Accounting Integration LedgerDocs Dropbox Easier Bookkeeping Part 1

Latest LedgerDocs release allows users to sync their Dropbox account for uploading documents into LedgerDocs.

The LedgerDocs team has been hard at work and is excited to announce an integration with Dropbox – a leading file storage service that allows users to store, share, and sync their files. This partnership enhances Dropbox by adding the collaboration features of LedgerDocs into a powerful document management tool for bookkeepers, accountants, and their clients.

LedgerDocs has a wide array of features specific to accounting and bookkeeping documents, while many already use Dropbox as a way to store and backup their files on their computers, so connecting the two was a natural fit for us. The integration is currently in BETA, and we invite you to give it a try and give us feedback.

Getting Started:

  1. Assuming you already have a Dropbox account, login to your LedgerDocs account (or sign up here for a 30 day trial if you don’t have one already). 
  2. Go to Extras section at the top-right of the page and follow the instructions in the Integrations tab. 
  3. After the initial sync is complete, files you place in the LedgerDocs folder in your Dropbox, will also appear in the Inbox of your LedgerDocs account.

How it Works:

  • By connecting your LedgerDocs and Dropbox accounts, you are able to gain another way of uploading and sharing documents between the two systems.
  • Once you connect your Dropbox account to LedgerDocs, files uploaded to your LedgerDocs folder in Dropbox will sync with the Inbox in LedgerDocs.
  • If this file is deleted or moved in either application, it will also be deleted/moved in the other.
  • Files can be renamed in each application, and will be changed automatically in the other.

Why is this big news?

Dropbox is one of today’s most well-known document storage solutions, and connecting the two offers Dropbox users the ability to extend their experience with the range of accounting specific features available in LedgerDocs.

We’re excited to get your thoughts on our latest integration, and would love for you to test it out! If you don’t have an account already, give our 30 day free trial a try. Our friendly support team is around if you have any questions or would like to schedule your own personalized demo.

*Edit* Want to know more about sharing your Dropbox folder with associates and colleagues? Take a look at this great blog post written by a member of the LedgerDocs team – Accounting Integration: LedgerDocs + Dropbox = Easier Bookkeeping Part 2

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