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LedgerDocs + QuickBooks Online = A match made in the cloud

QuickBooks Online LedgerDocs A Match Made in the Cloud

The LedgerDocs team is excited to announce our latest integration with QuickBooks Online – the leading online accounting application dedicated to simplifying the bookkeeping and accounting process.

This partnership enhances your QuickBooks Online experience by adding the document management functionality of LedgerDocs into an established accounting application dedicated towards small businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants.

The ability to attach and store source documents directly to transactions posted in QuickBooks Online allows for users to have all of their financial data and related source documents at the tip of their fingers.    

How it Works:

(1) Connect your LedgerDocs and QuickBooks Online account by clicking on the company you want to connect and then go to the QuickBooks Online Tab. 


(2) Push important transaction information directly into QuickBooks Online, straight from the LedgerDocs document viewer.


(3) Source documents are automatically attached to your QuickBooks Online transaction for later viewing, helping streamline your document workflow and protect yourself against audits and lost receipts. 

See our help center for more detailed instructions, LedgerDocs Help Center.


The feature is currently available for 2 document types; bills and invoices, with more to come!

Want to see the integration in action? Signup for a free 14-day trial or get in touch for a personalized demo from one of our friendly support team members.

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