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LedgerDocs Review: How to use the LedgerDocs iPhone App

LedgerDocs Review How to use the LedgerDocs iPhone App

As you probably know by now, LedgerDocs is a web-based application for storing, managing, and collaborating on accounting documents between bookkeepers and business owners.

One of the many questions we get from new customers is “What are the different ways to get my documents into Ledgerdocs?”. Our typical answer is that there are three ways to do this;

  1.  Log in to your LedgerDocs account via computer, and upload as many as 20 documents at once within the application
  2. Email any document directly to the application with a unique LedgerDocs email that you can set up at anytime.
  3. Capture your document (ex. Receipts) with any smartphone, and send it to LedgerDocs in seconds. Currently, LedgerDocs has a dedicated free iPhone app that allows you to go through this process in 3 simple steps, in even quicker time.

With this said, we recently met with Ben Abel from Vancouver Gadgets, a Canadian Technology Blog focused on consumer electronics, social media and business trends. Ben created a Youtube video about the LedgerDocs iPhone app, where he takes a trial run of the total LedgerDocs mobile process. You can view the video below:

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