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LedgerDocs vs. Google Drive for Your Financial Documents

LedgerDocs vs. Google Drive for Your Financial Documents

Our third installment in our series about the benefits to you of selecting LedgerDocs for your business online document management and storage needs versus using one of four popular online storage solutions:

Dropbox, SkyDrive by Microsoft, Google Drive by Google, and iCloud by Apple. As you will see in this post, LedgerDocs is the better choice for businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants for financial documents—even better equiped than the newest offering from Google: Google Drive.

Google Drive was released in April 2012, and incorporates the former Google Docs app that many individuals and businesses use for online document sharing and storage. For those who have standardized on Google, especially businesses and organizations enrolled in Google Apps, the business-focused suite of office applications, installing and implementing Google Drive is practically seamless. All of your previous Google Docs are automatically available in Google Drive, and just as with everything Google, all of your Google modules, including Google Drive, are available on all computers and devices with Internet access. There is a dedicated Google Drive app for Android, and Google Drive can be accessed via several third-party apps for iPhone and Windows phones or with your phone’s browser. As expected, the search function for Google Drive is fast and simple to use. The cost for storage for Google Drive is competitive: 5GB are free and an additional 25GB is only US$2.49/month.

There is one very important distinction between Google Drive and LedgerDocs that is particularly relevant for our readers – LedgerDocs is designed specifically for the accountant and bookkeeper in mind. Information gathering and data collection can often be a challenge as clients can be too busy to organize their own receipts and statements. What LedgerDocs allows the accountant or bookkeeper to do is provide a dead easy way to get this important information in one place. The email to LedgerDocs feature and iPhone app are 2 ways to accomplish this!

In terms of security, LedgerDocs provides all users the security standard of 256-bit SSL, daily backups, the ability to easily grant and revoke access privileges to your data, and redundant servers powered by Amazon Web Services. When you are managing and sharing your financial documents and files, you want to be sure that your information is safe and secure—LedgerDocs affords you that peace of mind while simultaneously offering you quick and easy uploading capabilities for all types of documents, receipts, bank statements, photos, and files.

LedgerDocs is safe, secure, and cost effective, and just as important, it is especially designing for managing and sharing your financial and business documents and sharing them with your team, your bookkeeper, and your accountant. As we outlined in our previous posts, with LedgerDocs, you can:

  1. Setup customized project folders and subfolders to file and manage all of your financial records.
  2. Take pictures of your receipts and send them directly by email to LedgerDocs from your iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry.
  3. Type notes to your bookkeeper or accountant.
  4. Search, browse, and annotate your documents right within your browser without having to open the actual documents in another application.
  5. Stay productive away from the office with the dedicated free and universal iPhone and iPad apps.

Google and Google Drive continue offering great products and integrated solutions for many personal and business situations. But security is of primary importance when you are a business owner, bookkeeper, or accountant dealing with sensitive financial information, and LedgerDocs offers you exceptional enhanced benefits that are based on your projects and the ability to set up your online files to suit your circumstances and have everything you need for your financial documents all in one place.

LedgerDocs has a 14-day free trial so that you can find out why it is the superior choice for your business document management and storage solutions. Pricing starts at only US$4/month for 1 project, 2 users, and 50 document uploads to just US$99/month for 10 projects, 10 users, and 10,000 uploaded documents per month.

About LedgerDocs

LedgerDocs uses technology to collaborate on accounting and bookkeeping by making the collection and management of financial documents a seamless process that saves our clients time and money. LedgerDocs is the document management division of LedgersOnline, which offers affordable and location-independent online bookkeeping, accounting, and application hosting services. Founded in 2002, LedgerDocs and LedgersOnline are headquartered in North Vancouver, Canada. For more information, and to sign up for a free trial of LedgerDocs, visit LedgerDocs or call toll-free 855.998.3041.

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