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Merge and Manage PDF’s Hassle Free


It is safe to say that the majority of bookkeepers and accountants receive a PDF of some sort, on a daily basis. For many bookkeepers, these documents include a wide variety of information including bank and credit card statements, receipts, deposit slips, invoices, and the list goes on. As a business owner, it can be difficult to find the time or patience to scan individual documents – instead, many business owners (or admin staff) quickly scan their stack of paper into a multi-page PDF and send it to their financial consultants in order to input into their accounting application.

With the most recent update of LedgerDocs, we have added more control for bookkeepers who are working with these bulky documents. Now, bookkeepers have the ability to stack images, merge documents, split PDF’s, and then post all of this information to their favourite accounting app. Not only does this save time and make the bookkeeping process easier, it also ensures that you have solid backup of source documents that are always easily accessible when a stakeholder needs them.

So how does this work?

As you may know by now, LedgerDocs automatically splits each page of a PDF into a separate image in the inbox. We have created this functionality with the understanding that, for the most part, PDF’s that are received by a bookkeeper or accountant include a wide range of information that needs to be posted separately. Of course, you can always customize your PDF settings if you would like PDF’s to be uploaded as a PDF, rather than automatically split each page into a separate image.

In the thumbnail view within LedgerDocs, users are now able to check which images they would like to merge. Keep in mind that the order that you check each image, will be the order that the PDF will be merged. Once checked, simply right click and choose “Convert Selected Items” > “Image(s) to PDF”.

You can also choose to convert “PDF(s) to Images”, or to “Merge PDFs”.

Merge and Manage PDF’s Hassle Free

Our goal has always been to help bookkeepers and accountants streamline the financial process and to help make the life of business owners as simple as possible. We have heard some amazing feedback from our users with regards to the amount of time saved on their day-to-day tasks. As always, if you have any feedback, we would love to hear it.

In the meantime, we urge you to join us on one of our weekly webinars to learn more about how LedgerDocs can help you save time on your day-to-day bookkeeping!

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