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Migrating to LedgerDocs Is as Simple as 1 Download & Upload


We all know that in the world of tech innovation rushes at you like crazy. Different kinds of software and applications are developed every day, across all industries.

However, when we come across a better solution, even one that would make our days better, sometimes we choose to remain with what we’re already familiar with. We don’t make the move to upgrade, even though it can hurt our bottom line and productivity.


What makes human beings act so stubborn and silly? Because we all know the challenges, frustrations and learning pains that come with adopting a new way of doing things. Who wants more work, even if it will make a difference down the road?


An Easy Way to Embrace a New Method


Change within the world of bookkeeping is even more difficult to implement: not only does it require your extra time to learn and get familiar with the new solution, but it’s also up to the bookkeeper to convince their clients to embrace this new way of doing things.

Here at LedgerDocs, we totally understand that pain for bookkeepers because we live it too. That’s why we have now made the migrating/transition process to LedgerDocs as simple as possible. In fact, it’s as simple to do as two clicks of your mouse.

Just download all your client files from your current Document Mangement solution into a Zip file format. Once done, upload the Zip file to your client’s inbox in LedgerDocs.

And that’s it. You’re done. That’s the entire migrating process.


Reducing Your Bookkeeping Workload Even More


Once your Zip file has been uploaded to LedgerDocs the platform will automatically unzip the master file, and then extract and replicate the exact same folder structure you had on the previous platform. Once your folder is all set up, you can go in and rearrange the folders and files in any way that works best for you.

We’ve even made it simple to get the job started: just upload the Zip file using the Drag & Drop feature in LedgerDocs. Or, if you use Dropbox, integrate your LedgerDocs plan with Dropbox and we’ll do the rest.

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