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New Document Management Trends

New Document Management Trends

Technology is improving exponentially every day. So much so that it’s hard to keep up with. As we head toward the end of 2022, we can more easily see where we are headed. At this point, it is all about the cloud, which has been the responsible solution for businesses of all sizes. Cloud computing with document management software provides easy access and reduces overall costs. The other trends that are happening are also paramount to the success of a bookkeeper, accountant, or business owner.

Check them out to see if you are keeping up or falling behind.

1. Customer Portals

Since modern clients are much more tech-savvy these days, having a customer portal where you can share essential documents with your clients is important. Portals can be set up through a company’s internet network, including a document management system. This will allow your clients to log in, access documents, and interact!

2. Must-Have Mobile-friendly Options

New Document Management Trends

Most people are in the habit of checking their smartphones or tablets, which has become a very efficient way of staying current. Therefore, document management software needs to be accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices.

3. Cybersecurity is Essential

At this point, any DMS in the market should include shields against cyberattacks. And those shields need to be continuously updated and improved as cyber-criminals try to stay a step ahead. Sensitive information must be kept safe at all times.

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