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Our Top 4 LedgerDocs App Integrations


Here at LedgerDocs, our aim is to make your bookkeeping and accounting workflows as seamless as possible. With this in mind, we are always adding to our list of app partners and integrations. In this blog post we have listed our favorite integrations including details on how they work and how they can simplify your workflow.

LedgerDocs & QuickBooks Online:

LedgerDocs’s integration with QuickBooks Online allows you to easily attach and store your client’s source documents such as bills, invoices, and expenses, directly to transactions posted to QBO from within the LedgerDocs app. One of our favorite features of this integration is that the source documents posted via LedgerDocs are then attached to the QBO transaction and can be viewed within QuickBooks Online. This integration not only ensures a live sync with QBO but also with customer and vendor details from within the LedgerDocs document viewer.

LedgerDocs & ScanSnap:

We recently teamed up with ScanSnap Cloud to offer LedgerDocs users the ability to automatically scan files to their LedgerDocs company using an iX500 or iX100 scanner. This integration allows LedgerDocs users to digitize all financial documents from receipts to bank statements using their ScanSnap scanners and send them to LedgerDocs without the need for a computer or mobile device. For bookkeepers and accountants, this means that your most tech-averse clients just need a scanner set to send to the correct LedgerDocs company in order to send you all of their documents instantly.

LedgerDocs & Dropbox:

LedgerDocs’ integration with Dropbox creates a live sync allowing documents in Dropbox to be uploaded directly to the relevant company inbox in LedgerDocs. Another super feature of this integration is that bookkeepers and accountants can scan documents directly into LedgerDocs using the Dropbox desktop application. This integration is easy to set up and just as easy to disconnect if you choose to move away from using Dropbox.

LedgerDocs & Freshbooks:

Another great app to use alongside LedgerDocs is Freshbooks. Our integration with Freshbooks allows users to sync their Freshbooks and QuickBooks Online accounts for a seamless accounting workflow. Users can upload their Freshbooks invoices to LedgerDocs via email and send uploaded documents from LedgerDocs directly to QBO to be stored as a transaction. All invoices are stored in LedgerDocs and can be easily viewed and shared with your bookkeeper.

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