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QuickBooks Online and LedgerDocs – Now with Locations added


We’ve just added location support to our QuickBooks Online integration! This was a popular request amongst our users so we’re excited to finally bring it to you.

The location field will appear when you attempt to post a Bill, Invoice, Expense, or Credit Memo from LedgerDocs – providing you have track locations turned on in QuickBooks Online. Note: This feature is only available in the Plus version of QuickBooks Online.

Why track locations?

If you’ve ever wondered which part of your business is bringing in the most revenue, enter location and class tracking. The parts could refer to departments, states/provinces/regions, or different properties/location. To have accurate reporting on the health of your business, you need to able to track across these different areas.

Examples of tracking locations include setting up locations of a store or restaurant. It can also be used to track different business unites within the same business.

Location and class tracking both allow you to track your income and expenses.

For more details on how Locations and Class tracking work in QuickBooks Online, click here.

Turning Locations on in QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online, under Cogs Company Preferences > Company Settings > Company > Categories > Turn on Classes and/or Locations

QuickBooks Online and LedgerDocs – Now with Locations added

That’s it, you should be all set. Please let us know your feedback via our support channels, and additionally, let us know if there are any further improvements or enhancements that would make your life easier. We consider all requests as part of our development process so do keep the suggestions coming.

Thanks for continuing to use LedgerDocs and helping us make it the friendliest and simplest bookkeeping collection software on the market!

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