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QuickBooks Desktop Launch Integration: Your How to Guide


Many bookkeepers continue to happily use QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) as a part of their daily workflow. While the Online version of QuickBooks may be the platform that has the largest user base, QBDT users are still an important and substantial audience.

LedgerDocs is happy to announce that we have now integrated our software with QuickBooks Desktop, giving Intuit users the option to integrate both their QuickBooks Online users as well as QBDT users.

With this new integration, LedgerDocs is the only cloud-based document management system that allows bank fetching service for QBDT users.

New to LedgerDocs? Sign up for a free trial and connect your QuickBooks Desktop account.

Connecting your LedgerDocs account with QuickBooks Desktop gives you the ability to link source documents directly to transactions posted in QuickBooks. This means that you have access to all of your financial data, individual transaction history, and the related source documents when you need it most!

Integrating your QuickBooks Desktop account to your LedgerDocs account is easy. Let’s show you how to do it step by step.


Part 1: Getting Started with QuickBooks Desktop Integration

An Admin of a Company can connect their Company in LedgerDocs to a QuickBooks Desktop company file. This results in LedgerDocs being able to pull the lists of vendors, customers, and taxes and allowing you to post bills and credit card charges from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Desktop in just a few clicks.

Login to your LedgerDocs account and navigate to the QuickBooks Integrations tab of your Company and select the QuickBooks Desktop option. If you don’t see this option (see below), contact support to enable it for your account.




Next, you should download and install the most recent version of the QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector. Follow the link provided.




Enter a password of your choice for the connection and click the Download Config button. The page will reload and a .QWC config file will be downloaded.


Register for a free 14-day trial of LedgerDocs.

Includes QuickBooks Desktop, QBO & Freshbooks integration — and bank fetching!

Part 2: Register the Connection with the QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector

Launch QuickBooks Desktop on your computer and open the company file you wish to connect to.

Open the web connector and click the “add an application” button on the bottom right. Select the config file that was downloaded in step 1. If you’ve lost the file you can download a new copy easily from the QuickBooks Integrations tab of your company.

Note, if you are running QuickBooks in a network or server environment, you may need to contact your system administrator to allow access.




Note: disconnecting will clear all data associated with the connection.

A popup will appear asking you to Authorize a New Web Service. Make sure that you have the correct QuickBooks Desktop company file open at this point before clicking OK.

Note, if you are running QuickBooks in a network or server environment, you may need to contact your system administrator to allow access.




A popup will appear in your QuickBooks Desktop application asking for permission to read and modify your company file. Select any of the yes options and click continue. Click yes in the confirmation dialog that appears.








At this point you should see the connection in the web connector UI with a blank password field. Enter the password you selected earlier and save it. From this screen you will be able to manually trigger an update, set the auto updated interval, enable/disable automatic updates and remove connections.




When an update occurs the web connector will update the list of objects stored in LedgerDocs and pull any forms you might have submitted since the last update. You can manually trigger an update by ticking the checkbox on the left and clicking update selected.

If you’ve made a change in QuickBooks Desktop and want to use it immediately in LedgerDocs you can manually trigger an update then in LedgerDocs click the reload QBD Data option to fetch the latest QuickBooks Desktop information.




Part 3: Submitting Forms to QuickBooks Desktop

Submitting forms to QuickBooks Desktop from LedgerDocs works similarly to the QuickBooks Online integration. Documents in a project connected to QuickBooks Desktop will have a form at the bottom where you can enter your information and queue up an upload.




The next time QuickBooks Desktop syncs with LedgerDocs your submitted form will show up in your company.

Notes: You can have multiple companies connected to multiple QuickBooks company files on the same computer at the same time but QuickBooks must be closed if you’re attempting to sync multiple companies.



Comparison of QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Integrations in LedgerDocs

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Desktop

Revenue Transactions


Sales Invoice

Expense Transactions

Bills & Expenses

Accounts Payable Invoice & Credit Card Charges

Credit Transactions

Coming Soon

Coming soon

Source Documents

Attached to transaction IN QuickBooks Online

Linked to transaction back to document in LedgerDocs



 Sign up for a free LedgerDocs trial now and connect your QuickBooks Desktop account.


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