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QuickBooks Online Improvements for LedgerDocs


We love to get product feedback from our clients because it allows us to make improvements to the LedgerDocs app that are tailored to our user’s needs. With this feedback in mind, we recently went to work on rolling out several improvements to our QuickBooks Online integration.

Date Entry

Our users wanted the option of manually entering the date or choosing from a calendar to speed up entry. We also wanted to cut down on the total number of mouse clicks it takes to complete a transaction. The latest update now gives users the ability to enter dates using their preferred format, ensuring quicker data entry and less mouse clicks. We also optimized the formatting of dates for ease of use – the new format is MM/DD/YY and can also be used with periods, dashes, back slashes or just digits (ex. 081716 will be automatically entered as 08/17/2016).

Improved Tabbing Functionality

We know that it can be a painstaking task to make selections from large lists of vendors/customers/expense accounts when creating entries. That’s why we’ve improved tabbing functionality in our latest update. Users will no longer have to click on an item from a dropdown menu before being able to select it. Just start typing and tab through midway to select the first item from the list which matches your search.

Quick Adding

If you have used the integration previously, you know that LedgerDocs pulls in your lists from QuickBooks Online once you connect the two apps. Our latest update allows users to quickly add vendors, customers, payees and expense accounts directly from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online. This new streamlined method lets you stay in one screen without having to go back and forth.

Auto-Population for Smarter Entry

Lastly, this update included better auto-population of data in LedgerDocs. Now LedgerDocs will start to auto-populate new entries based on vendor or customer details previously entered. For example, if you pick Esso for gas, it will auto-populate the last used tax, expense account, description, and amount based on the last transaction that was entered for Esso from LedgerDocs to QBO for that company. Don’t worry, you still have the option to review and make any changes before hitting the Send button.


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