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Simple Receipt Scanner App Helps Bookkeepers in the Busy Tax Season

Simple Receipt Scanner App Helps Bookkeepers in Busy Tax Season

Tax time is always a pretty hectic time for bookkeepers. Unfortunately, clients often wait until the last minute to provide documents and receipts. Even then, it takes extra time to organize the incoming documents so the tax returns can be drafted.

If you have not heard about receipt capture apps, you will be thrilled to learn how bookkeepers can now simplify tax season with TaxDocs, our simple app that quickly and securely uploads receipts and financial documents.

TaxDocs: Our Simple Receipt Capture App

We understand how busy you are this time of the year between last-minute filings and extensions that carry on until the fall. That’s why we tailored our TaxDocs app to suit your needs, and at a seriously affordable price, we might add!

In a few simple steps, your clients will be uploading their receipts and financial documents all year round. Presto! No last-minute dash. Besides supplying the app, all you have to do is set up a new folder for each client inside TaxDocs. Your clients can upload the information on the spot by web, mobile app, or email. The docs will automatically be placed in your inbox sorted by client.

TaxDocs uses the robust file management system we developed for our primary LedgerDocs platform, so that you can count on reliability, security, and simplicity!

TaxDocs saves time and stress for everyone and puts more money in your pocket! Our specialists are always available to help you get started.  Ready to try it out for 14-days free

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