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TaxDocs; Simple Receipt Capture

Your best friend during the busy tax season to collect and organize client documents.

What is TaxDocs?

TAXDOCS is a standalone product inside the LedgerDocs platform. We’ve taken the core elements from LedgerDocs’ powerful file management system and tailored it to fill the needs for filing your clients’ taxes.

You can get started with a low per client fee that’s less than the price of your favorite latte.

How It Works?

You set up a folder for your client inside TaxDocs and invite them to it.

Your client uploads their documents by web, mobile app, or email.

Uploaded tax documents are automatically sorted by client in your inbox for when you're ready to work on them.


TaxDocs 25

  • 25 Tax Clients
  • 350 Uploads
  • Year Round Hosting & Support

TaxDocs 50

  • 50 Tax Clients
  • 800 Uploads
  • Year Round Hosting & Support

TaxDocs 100

  • 100 Tax Clients
  • 2000 Uploads
  • Premium Support & Annual Hosting

Need a Custom Plan?

Ask Us 1.855.998.3041 ext. 5808
  • 100+ Tax Clients
  • 2000+ Uploads
  • Premium Support & Annual Hosting


*Except Bank Fetching

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    TaxDocs will help you


    Automate tasks & create reminders

    Increase your billable output
    No more lost documents
    Bank level encryption
    Live dashboard shows latest activity
    Everything is on cloud & a click away

    What is LedgerDocs?

    LedgerDocs is a document management portal designed to simplify the process of sharing financial documents between businesses and their bookkeeper/accountant.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is TaxDocs?

    TaxDocs is a major new feature to the LedgerDocs family. It builds on the same technology integrated into LedgerDocs for file management solution, but customizes it for the specific needs of people doing tax preparation work for clients.

    What sort of benefits does TaxDocs offer me?

    We have seen time reclamation for our customers up to 30%, meaning that they have gained an extra 18 seconds of productivity for every previous 60 seconds of work done without TaxDocs.
    Your tax prep clients will be able to provide you their important tax documents during your off-work hours. All of the activity done by your clients is presented to you in a daily summary of activity, as well as a live dashboard.
    Finally, you reduce your levels of anxiety and stress caused by the additional workload of tax season.

    Is TaxDocs included with a LedgerDocs plan?

    No. TaxDocs is a separate product with a separate pricing plan. See above for TaxDocs plans and pricing.

    If I’m already using LedgerDocs why should I need TaxDocs?

    It makes sense to use TaxDocs if you are planning to do tax prep work for clients. TaxDocs was built to address the pains of accountants and bookkeepers doing tax returns. It helps them reclaim lost productivity, get their clients to should more of the workload, and automate tedious reminders and notifications that would eat up precious time.
    LedgerDocs plans are better suited for more long-term document management needs. TaxDocs helps to alleviate the crunch pressure of tax prep during the busy season.

    Do I log in to TaxDocs separately from LedgerDocs?

    No. It doesn’t matter if you have a TaxDocs plan or a LedgerDocs one, your log in screen is the same. If you are paying for only TaxDocs you won’t have access to any LedgerDocs abilities.
    The two services are also colored differently from each other to better distinguish them. Users that are paying for both TaxDocs and LedgerDocs can choose between the two groups from the menu column.

    I’m worried about security. What protection do my clients have for their data and documents?

    TaxDocs uses 256-bit encryption for all of its transactions. This is the same level of online security that major banks use to protect data from being intercepted between the bank and their clients.
    You still need to protect your password and username. If a client gives their TaxDocs username and password to someone else, that person won’t be able to see or access any other TaxDocs client folders managed by the account owner.
    Daily backups of your account also take place to provide more peace of mind.

    I want to start off with the smallest size of plan. If I need to add more, will I be able to change the size of my TaxDocs plan?

    Yes. You can start out with the lowest size TaxDocs plan (for a max of 25 tax prep clients). You can add in batches of 25, or if you need a specific number contact us and we’ll work it out.
    Buying bigger-sized TaxDocs plans upfront reduces the individual cost of for each client/folder. Save more money by buying a 50, 100 or bigger size of TaxDocs plan.

    Are the number of uploads for documents per client, or across the entire plan?

    We offer an entire number of uploads for each plan. Some tax clients may only require 5 uploads while others require 10 or more. We calculated an average upload and built each of our plans to include a healthy number of extra uploads just in case you needed more.
    If you have tax clients that have the need for a larger number of uploads you can upgrade your plan to the next level. Contact support and we will help you determine the right plan for your uploading of documents needs.

    Will I be able to access the TaxDocs folders anytime throughout the year?

    Yes. Each TaxDocs plan is annually based.

    What kind of support is included with my TaxDocs subscription?

    All plans come with year-round support by phone or email.
    For users of TaxDocs 100 and above plans, a premium support level is offered. This includes a dedicated customer success contact, video call support and priority messaging.

    Do you have an app?

    Yes. We have native apps for both iPhone (iOS) and Android devices.

    Can I try out TaxDocs first before committing to a paid plan?

    Yes. We offer a 7-day free trial of TaxDocs. Register for an account here.



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