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The Bookkeepers’ Checklist: Save Time in 2022

Bookkeeping can be an overwhelming job, with all of the business transactions, revenue sources, expenses, losses, payroll, and other transactions. Making entries for each transaction using the debit and credit system within each category requires keen organization skills and committed attention to detail.

The four basic steps a bookkeeper utilizes for each client: 1) analyzing and assigning transactions to specific accounts; 2) journal entries that credit and debit the appropriate categories and accounts; 3) posting entries to ledger accounts; 4) adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period to make sure that every debit has an equal credit and that accounts balance.

It is a great deal of paper to deal with and tedious, even for the most focused accountant or bookkeeper.

Decades ago, bookkeepers were manually completing each of these tasks. Once computers became the norm, various accounting software was developed, yet there was still a degree of error as it was still fraught with manually reviewing documents before inputting.  Then along came cloud-based QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, ScanSnap, and Dropbox, where documents and financial information became stored in the cloud. Yet, the problem of manual inputting remains. While QuickBooks Online and the others are excellent tools for in-house accounting personnel, online data management software stepped up to solve the tedious paper trail.

Today, online document management software has leaped into the future with its digital documentation, safety features, and customization options – enter LedgerDocs.

Save Time with LedgerDocs

Now your clients’ can upload their essential financial documents as soon as they have them. There is no longer a reason for them to provide hard copies in a shoebox and give them all at once!  LedgerDocs works with images, PDFs, notes, tags, receipts, attachments, and more. Your clients can use their scanner or phone to make a PDF or JPG and attach to an email or upload it immediately to the system. Note: If your clients have a Canon printer/scanner, the document can be sent directly to your company folder on LedgerDocs, as our system is integrated with specific Cannon devices. Your client’s company information is stored in a safe folder on the LedgerDocs system with a password only known to your client.

LedgerDocs also provides the ability to attach and store source documents to transactions posted in QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, ScanSnap, and DropBox, making it the perfect online document management software!

Additional Advantages

Using LedgerDocs, a bookkeeper can have all of the documents arrive at the desktop. As soon as something is uploaded, a notification is sent to the desktop.  No more searching through stacks of mismanaged records.

Key Benefits:

  • Automates repetitive tasks & data filing
  • The software learns and will auto-populate data fields
  • Digital documents are quickly searchable
  • Customize and streamline interactions with clients
  • Complete more work in less time
  • Easier storage and recovery

To sign up for a free Virtual Bookkeeper Tutorial, click here! Or, if you would prefer to speak with one of our document management specialists, click here or call 1-855-998-3041 x5808.

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