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The Top Ten Benefits of a Paperless Office for Bookkeepers

The Top Ten Benefits of a Paperless Office for Bookkeepers

Time wasted is time lost. It is estimated that business people spend 40% of their workday looking for needed information. Although we have been promised a paperless office for decades now,

most businesses still spend up to 500 hours per year reviewing and re-routing files and another 500 hours per year looking for incorrectly filed documents, and another 25 hours per year recreating lost files. You can increase your productivity and spend your time on income-producing and business growth activities instead. To encourage you to move towards making your business a paperless one, here are ten benefits you will realize:

  1.  Ease of storage. Using a simple, yet comprehensive and secure online document management system such as LedgerDocs will enable you to quickly and electronically store and share your documents.
  2. Automatic file system with tracking. Digital document storage keeps an unlimited amount of your files and tracks the originals and any changes.
  3. Time savings. Document management solutions save countless hours because you can quickly and easily do a virtual search for any document and find it within seconds instead of hours.
  4. Ease of use. No matter what your business model is, you will find yourself working with employees, vendors, contractors, and clients or customers. When transactions can be completed, shared, and stored at the touch of a button or click of a mouse, your entire workday will proceed more smoothly and efficiently.
  5. Accessibility. I am sure that you have moved past transferring files via floppy disk, but you are not still using thumb drives or worse, sending paper files by courier pigeon are you? With secure digital document management, you and everyone you work with has instant and easy access to needed files, whether they work across the hall or across the globe.
  6. Business development. The time you save looking for and recreating lost documents could be better spend in business planning and execution.
  7. Security. Digital document management systems that have been developed especially for your business model are safe and secure; they employ sophisticated 256-SSL security, administrative controls, and daily backups to multiple and redundant servers.
  8. Improved customer service. Your customer service department (even if that department is you) can quickly and easily access all supporting documentation to respond to customer service issues and resolve them more quickly.
  9. Email management. Online online document management applications such as LedgerDocs allow you to immediately forward all relevant emails into the system and search and track your emails just like any other document.
  10. Return on Investment. When you set up and consistently implement a digital document management system, you will quickly realise time and money savings that you can apply elsewhere in your business.

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