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The Ultimate Guide to Using LedgerDocs with your iX ScanSnap

Scan, collaborate, and complete bookkeeping records with greater efficiency and simplicity using ScanSnap Cloud and LedgerDocs.

We’re excited to add the ScanSnap line of scanners as another integration to the LedgerDocs family. With this new integration, you can digitize all your financial documents such as receipts, invoices, and bank statements with ScanSnap iX500 and iX100 scanners, and send them automatically to LedgerDocs without the need for a computer or mobile device.

ScanSnap + LedgerDocs: How it Works in 3 Easy Steps

1. Scan: Scan directly from your iX500 or iX100 scanner to ScanSnap Cloud
2. Sort: ScanSnap Cloud intelligently sorts your scans in the background into documents, receipts, business cards and photos
3. Send: Automatically deliver scans to LedgerDocs, all over wi-fi

Once you have a ScanSnap and a LedgerDocs account, you’re just a few steps away from one-click scanning directly from your scanner to the cloud. This guide will show you how to get you set up.

1) Update ScanSnap Software

If you have recently purchased your ScanSnap, follow the software installation instructions that came with your device. If you already have a ScanSnap, you’ll need to make sure the software that came with your ScanSnap is up to date. To do this, right-click (or CTRL-Click) on the ScanSnap Manager icon on your computer. From here, go to Help > Online Update

scansnap 1

2) Install ScanSnap Cloud

Download ScanSnap Cloud from here. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the heading “Download ScanSnap Cloud” select the operating system that your ScanSnap is connected to.

scansnap 2 1

After clicking on an operating system, you will be redirected to the ScanSnap Cloud Fujitsu webpage. Scroll down until find the Setup Program download link.

scansnap 3

Once the download has completed, run the program and follow the installation wizard instructions.


3) Create a ScanSnap Cloud Account

Once the installation for ScanSnap Cloud has completed, you will be brought to a login screen. Click on the “Create account” button below and follow the instructions.

scansnap 4

When you reach the screen below, select the Wi-Fi connection you would like your scanner to connect to and then click connect.

scansnap 5

After entering in your password for your Wi-Fi, enter in your email address and choose a password. Lastly, click the “Agree to register” button.

scansnap extra

You will receive an email containing a confirmation code which you must enter in to “Confirmation code” field.

scansnap 7

4) Connect ScanSnap Cloud to LedgerDocs

After entering in the confirmation code, you will be given the option to configure ScanSnap Cloud to automatically upload documents to an application of your choice. Click on the “Start configuration” button to select the application to save your scans.


• Click on the “Save by Document Type” if you would like to redirect your files by document type
• Click on “Always Save to Same Service” if you would like to save all scanned document via a single application (ie. LedgerDocs).
• Click the “Select” button

scansnap 8

Scroll and select LedgerDocs to highlight and click the “Select” button.

scansnap 9

A window will then prompt you to sign in to your LedgerDocs account.

scansnap 10

After signing in to LedgerDocs, select the destination company for your scanned documents. Note: This setting can easily be changed within your LedgerDocs User Settings.

scansnap 11

Finally, click the “Save” button, and then “Allow” in the next window. You’re now set to scan directly from ScanSnap to LedgerDocs. Happy Scanning!

Our friendly support team is available to answer any questions so email us at

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