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Viral Technology to Strengthen your Business

Viral Technology to Strengthen your Business

The latest trend in global technology is implementing and developing programs that work within “The Cloud.” What I mean by “The Cloud” is a nontraditional network of information that allows a business to outsource the majority of its information processing to a third party company.

Even traditional services like online fax and word processors are going viral, encouraging “Green IT” and environmental sustainability. Here are the pros to bringing your business off of the ground and into a cloud network.

The benefits of cloud computing are numerous and convincing. The following are the best reasons for you to use cloud computing:

-More users are able to access programs from diverse locales, allowing for “increased equipment utilization.” In addition, a cloud network utilizes many different machines in the network to process heavy-duty tasks. Thus, instead of dumping the workload onto one machine or one part of the network, it spreads the workload out across the network. This allows the network to run more smoothly while processing large tasks.

-The flexibility of cloud computing allows users to redesign servers to their benefit — tailoring them to their specific needs and dropping energy costly features. Cloud networks don’t require huge software and hardware overhauls when changes need to be made. They’re very simple to manage, customize, and change at the drop of a hat. This flexibility will also allow a business’ integral IT staff to focus on more innovative tasks and solutions.

-The scalability of cloud computing has been frequently cited. If your business grows, you can easily order more server space to accommodate the changes. Your network costs will exactly match the size of your network. There will be no surplus unless you want to have more space for future growth.

-By far, the biggest reason companies are switching to cloud computing is cost advantages. The Cloud helps companies save money by eliminating the need for the hardware and resources that physical servers require in addition to other physical entities like backups, anti-virus, network cables, etc. Cloud computing can also save you some money by reducing your energy bill. Data centers lose energy efficiency when they have to cool servers and keep servers idle. With less hardware, there are less physical entities that need to be cooled. To add to the list, another cost you can also cross off your list is spending on professional training for IT specialists. When you invest in cloud computing, you won’t have to pay to train an IT staff. Cloud computing is extremely manageable and most issues can be solved by the company providing you the service.

Cloud computing is becoming an essential characteristic of blossoming companies. Stay ahead of the curve, make your business more efficient, and endorse Green IT by building a cloud network.

Guest writer, James Kim of

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