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What’s New with LedgerDocs: Feature Release

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We’re excited to announce a variety of new features and updates made to LedgerDocs over the past couple months. These features are all currently available within the LedgerDocs app and were rolled out in various phases over the summer. Our team is continuously looking to improve and innovate our product and are excited to announce the release of the following new and improved features that add value to our user-base of bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners.

Below are some of the updates, categorized by which area of the app they apply to:


  • The “Add New Company” Wizard:
    When onboarding a new client, you can now set-up the essential tasks, all in one go. The company admin is able to create a new “Company”, choose a folder template, create a unique email address, invite members, and connect the client’s QuickBooks Online file, all at once in a series of simple guided steps.

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  • Stacking Images and Merging PDF’s:
    Did you ever wish for an easy way to combine documents and PDF’s, without having to download documents first and use a third-party app such as Adobe Acrobat to stitch them together? Well, guess what, now you can! Simply select the images or PDF’s you want to combine, right-click, and choose Convert Items by right-clicking on the document. This gives users a wide range of functionality, including attaching multi-page documents to a transaction.


Document Viewer

  • Quicker Document Filing:
    We have made some optimizations to enable quicker filing within the LedgerDocs document viewer so you can power through documents even faster.


QuickBooks Online Integration

  • Attachments:
    When posting invoices, bills, and/or expenses from LedgerDocs to QuickBooks Online, source documents will now be attached to the transaction as a hosted QuickBooks Online file. This gives users the ability to always have access to their source documents, no matter where you are located.
  • Repost a Transaction:
    Have you ever had a need to repost a transaction in QuickBooks Online? Our new release allows users to repost a document that has already been pushed. We will double-check with the user prior to completing the transaction, to ensure that this is in their best interest.
  • Edit Taxes:
    Tax amounts for each bill, invoice, and expense are now broken down in LedgerDocs and can be changed and edited before posting to QuickBooks Online. This is a highly anticipated feature we are releasing and should give more flexibility while eliminating the need to adjust taxes within QuickBooks Online after the document has been posted.The taxes and totals will update in real time as you enter the values. If editing taxes for transactions that have the tax set as “inclusive”, the original amounts for each line item will also automatically be changed proportionally to the tax percentage (%).
  • Faster data loading:
    We made optimizations so dropdown field data for customers, vendors, and accounts are populated from QuickBooks Online to LedgerDocs faster.
  • Design upgrades:
    We have imported the user interface to have better styling and layout for various screen sizes. Updating the quantity/rate immediately updates amount and updating the amount updates the rate based on quantity. This replicated the expected behaviour from QuickBooks Online.

Is there a feature that you have been waiting for? Let our team know, as we always appreciate our user’s feedback. You can reach our team directly via our contact us page!

We also host weekly webinars that provide more information on LedgerDocs’ features and functionality. Register for free to see these great new features in action, or schedule a one-on-one demo with one of our support members.


30 Minute Webinar — Learn how LedgerDocs can streamline your accounting today.

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