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Why Document Management Needs to be a Priority

Increasing sales is always top of mind for small business owners, yet increasing sales without having an efficient system for expenses can be a nightmare, especially during tax time. We are in the digital age, so the reality is that every small business owner should have a digital strategy. How a company collects, handles, manages, and saves incoming and outgoing financial transactions is key to the successful future of the business.

You may already be using Dropbox and Google Drive for data management, but at some point, you will be charged when you hit a specific storage limit. As your business grows, you will want to be prepared by having a better system in place. Switching to a better data management option later will be that much more of a headache.

A good document management system can help you organize your files and data in one place. So, you can keep track of all of your critical documents, speed up your workflow, improve accuracy and provide around-the-clock access to documents from different locations.

Data Management Options

Some small business owners use QuickBooks, Dropbox, and physical files that contain lots and lots of receipts. What if you could use your existing Dropbox or Google Drive accounts to send your data directly to a more secure site that specializes in data management? And what if you could scan your receipts as they happen and upload them immediately?

Why Document Management needs to be a Priority

At LedgerDocs, we specialize in providing the most secure, easy-to-use document management software for small businesses. Keep all of your data in one place and stop spending hours collecting data from several locations. Your tax accountant will be thrilled, and so will you when you learn that our plans include a Daily Activity Summary, Secure File Sharing, Telephone and Email Support, Daily Backups and Encryption, and a User Audit Trail. Plus, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and ScanSnap easily integrate with our software!

Can you imagine how much more organized and efficient your business will be as it grows? So don’t wait! Sign up for our 14-day FREE Trial today!

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