Automate Your Onboarding with our White Glove Service

Introducing our White Glove Service, an exclusive offering designed to get you and your clients up and running faster with a dedicated team member by your side every step of the way. You’ll get personalized support from our customer success team to ensure a smooth transition for you and your clients onto LedgerDocs. Contact us to get started!

Free up your time and elevate your experience

Our White Glove Service reaffirms LedgerDocs’ commitment to delivering a high-quality, personalized experience for your bookkeeping and accounting firm on our platform. We aim to reduce the learning curve associated with any new software implementation, freeing up your valuable time so you can focus on what truly matters – your client work.

Personalized Account Setup

Our dedicated support team member will help you set up your account to your unique specifications. They will create all your companies on your behalf, including setting up corresponding upload email addresses, adding your staff and clients, and tailoring the platform to suit your specific business structure and operations.

Client Onboarding & Training

One of the most time-consuming aspects of implementing new software is training users. Let us handle this for you. We will put together a training package for your clients, teaching them how to upload documents as per your specified preferences. This ensures your clients can easily share their financial documents with you, improving the speed and quality of your work.

Time Saving Tips & Workflows

Our support team member will collaborate with you to configure your account that suit your firm’s processes. Whether it’s creating custom tags, using note mentions, or personalizing your account preferences, we’ll make sure LedgerDocs aligns perfectly with your desired outcomes.

Hear from happy bookkeepers who
used our white glove service

We are confident we can help you get LedgerDocs implemented faster and successfully rolled out in your firm. Hear from some of our happy users below.

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