Rules to Automate Data Entry Into QuickBooks Online

On top of data extraction using OCR and machine learning technology, LedgerDocs gives you the ability to create rules to automate financial document categorization. The result? Posting transactions to QuickBooks Online with much less time and effort.

Automatically and Effortlessly Categorize Your Documents using Supplier and Customer Rules

Bookkeepers and Accountants regularly encounter documents from the same suppliers or customers. Organizing and categorizing these documents can feel repetitive, tedious, and frustrating. This is where our supplier and customer rules feature alleviates the burden of these repetitive tasks.

Instead of manually categorizing bills and expenses, create your rules once, ensuring consistent and accurate treatment for all future documents.

How Customer And Supplier Rules Work

Global Rules for All Your Clients
Do you have a rule that applies across multiple clients? Setup a rule that gets applied across all your LedgerDocs companies. For example, use a rule to classify gas and electricity as utility expenses, or Uber receipts as travel across your entire client base.

Setting Up Rules for a Specific Company:
Establish rules designed for a specific company, guaranteeing precise rule application. For instance, if a client regularly receives bills from a supplier like Home Depot, use a rule to classify it to the expense account of your choice, just for that client, while preserving the flexibility to classify bills from Home Depot differently for another client

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